Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Awakening and Enlightment

Do you ever go to a thrift shop and find something that catches your eye, then you can't decide whether to buy it, you go home, you can't stop thinking about it, you then go back and hopefully it's still there, and you buy it? Me too. I saw these at the local Sally's here in Escondido (coined by my mom, Ellen, for "Salvation Army" thrift shop) on my way home from the post office.   I ran in for a "quick look", after all  it was on the way home,  how could I not? I thought, these can't be real brass and real pantina, could they? I still don't know, even after looking on the internet. But I think they were a good deal nonetheless at $11.25 for the pair (they were 25% off). I also got a nice, hardly worn roadrunner and kokopelli t-shirt for .25. What a deal.

I had a hard time finding the statues online as I was looking up "hindu statues". After posting on my instagram a follower informed me that they are from Thai Buddhism and are Thepenom or Tappanom. She copied a description of them, which I think she found here, and it says,

"In Thai Buddhism, the Thepenom or Teppanom are celestial beings or mythological angels that descend to the Earth as the Buddha reached enlightenment. They are shown usually in the traditional Thai garb, in a kneeling position, with hands pressed closely together at chest level in the Veneration Mudra or Namaste greeting. Representing one of the most important divine beings of Thai Buddhism, this 16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue features a golden-colored wood finish that is detailed to absolute perfection. This statue is kneeling, with palms pressed together, and with eyes closed. The Veneration Mudra or Namaste gesture is known as an act of greeting and blessing, which makes this angel statue an ideal addition to any home or office. Known to harness divine energy, these pure spirits accompany the Buddha into his elevated sense of awakening and pure enlightenment. A popular element of Thai mythology as well as the practice of Buddhism, these Thai angel statues are found in many of the royal palaces of Thailand, Buddhist temples, restaurants, and in many homes."

Interesting stuff. It's always nice to have symbols of greeting and blessings in my home.  I think I'll keep them!


A closer look.

Let's go thriftin'!!!

My mom and I have been thrifting for many years. I used to tag along as a kid in the older days, then, when I moved out on my own I found the treasure of buying things to be used to decorate and for their functionality. Today, we both still enjoy thrifting for enjoyment and for the thrill of "the find". Join us as we share some of those "great finds" and occasionally re-purposing. (Grandpa is great at that!). I find lots of great books, games, and some indoor decor and collectables. Mom also has a knack for finding great books, as well as indoor decor and garden decor.

Mandy & Ellen