Friday, May 23, 2014

Treasures from Sally's

My first post.  Ever.  So with encouragement from my girls, Mandy and Robin, here goes...

One of my favorite stores is Sally's - or The Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I hardly ever come home from there empty handed, but I really do try hard not to buy things I don't need. Then there are times when something catches my eye, calls out my name, and I've just gotta have it!  That's what happened today when I saw this cute little one-of-a-kind pitcher.  I walked by it two or three times.  Picked it up, put it back, was ready to leave, went back and grabbed it my hubby reminded me... I'd probably regret it later if I didn't buy it now.

The name inscribed on the bottom is Cama Deruta, which  tells me it was made in Italy.  I love the colors, the simple design, and the feel (the white dots are raised) of this little pitcher.  It holds just over a quart and with its pointy little spout will be just right for watering my house plants.

Speaking of plants, I also found this nice flower pot for my succulents which were badly in need of re-potting.


Well, that's my first post.    Hopefully I will eventually overcome my "paralysis of analysis". Mean- while, Happy Thriftin'!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Peruvian treasures!

Found these Peruvian treasures at my new favorite thrift shop this week, St Vincent's de Paul on Escondido Blvd. I love the ceramic donkey candle holder, he's so magnificent and a steal at $7!!!

Also found these two plump little fellas on my way out, $4 a piece. I'm so in love with them! They make such a welcoming addition to my bookshelf in the front room.

What thrift finds have you found this week? Let us know and share a link if you have photos or a blog.

Have fun thriftin' this week!