Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some beautiful finds

 Some really wonderful finds lately. Mostly pieces of art/home decor type things. I come across them and they're just so beautiful I can't pass them up! This beautiful hand created wood jewelry box was made by "Rich". I looked for it online and came across these, which are made in the UK. Not sure if that's where it's from but definitely inspired by it. I put some orange oil on it and it looks so lovely. The boxes are lined with a soft felt. I only paid $15 for it at the American Cancer Society Discovery Thrift shop in Rancho Bernardo. Love that place, so many beautiful things there and it goes to a good cause.

This beautiful and unique little metal hand painted peruvian looking horse I found at the local St Vincent de Paul's thrift shop. They don't have a store specific website (this shows all their stores, though), but here is their Yelp page. Never mind the bad ratings, I think it's a great store. I've always had nice, helpful volunteers helping me there and there's a wonderful selection, the store is clean, and nice product, also, nicely organized. Don't miss out back where they have patio furniture and other outdoor stuff. There's some other stores in the area, but I like this one best. Lots of great books, usually listed at 50% off. Their collector's books are quite pricey.
**correction, just remembered I got the horse at Deborah's Next o New consignment shop, more about that shop in another post

I think I found the above Kokopelli hand crafted & signed plate at Sally's. (Salvation Army Thrift shop) in Escondido. They've recently been having numerous 50% off sales as they tried to liquidate much of their stock before a remodel. They even had a 75% off, but I didn't make it down there. I recently also saw a Living Social coupon for the SA stores, so keep your eyes peeled, they're always having great deals!!!

This beautiful, hand carved walking stick I found when I was out and about with my mom in Murrieta. Found this at the Angel View Thrift shop out there. It's a wall decoration (has a hook on the back) but I rather like it as a walking and talking stick. We've been using it at our family meetings!  If you look close it has an alligator on it!

As you can see, I really love earthy, multi-cultural, colorful earthtone kind of pieces. Sometimes I get more practical things, like clothes or kitchen ware. But I love when I find unique artsy, craftsy type home decor items that I otherwise wouldn't spend the big bucks on.

Have a great weekend!!!