Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Booty from Angel View

Just a quickie from when Ellen and I went thrifting the other day... I'm always looking for garden stuff and I managed to find a couple of things that I couldn't leave behind.

 Very heavy (probably cast iron) planter with a pretty patina.  I want to put something special in this one, and then never move it again!  Once it's filled with soil and a plant, I'm sure I won't have any interest in schlepping it anywhere.

Two small terra cotta pots that look old. There was another one that size, but it looked brand new. I am drawn to the look of age and patina, no doubt!

 I also got this plate.  It's a souvenir from Wyoming, a place called Little America.  Restaurant?  Lodge? Amusement Park? Unknown. But I got it for my black and white plate collection. At some point, I may have a black and white plate wall.

I love the crazing. You can see it in this close-up.  I also like the touch of color. Perks it right up!

That wraps up the loot from this trip! Time to pot some flowers!