Monday, March 31, 2014

Now We're Rolling!!!

I thought I would take a photo of my yard sale rolling pins before sealing them up in a box.  I got all three of these old beauties for $5.00!  The white one that you put cold water into came from Ellen, who had given it to Martin who knows when!  Also in the box is a paper roll hanger from Uncle Tony's garage.  I'm looking forward to using all these for decor in the new place!

While all four are still suitable for kitchen use, I'm not much of a pie-cruster, so decor, it is!  Now, for a proper wrap-up, some more odds and ends and to seal the whole thing up with packing tape!  See you soon, rolling pins!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Estate sale!

I went to an estate sale near the house a while back, not really expecting much.  The signs said 50% off everything, which usually means I'm a day late.  When I got there, though, I found some really good stuff at really good prices, since they had begun to pack things up.  I have some blue Calico pieces that I have picked up over the years, but I found this brown Calico dinnerware set for a steal!

This is only half the haul.  There were 53 piece in all, most in good shape.  We've used a piece here and there, but I did use the dinner plates to stage the china cabinet over the wet bar.  It looks pretty!

My other favorite from this sale was an old hay rake.  I admired the aged patina and the amazing old repairs.  The more I looked at it after I got it home, the more I loved it.

It is probably one of my favorite finds, since, in this neighborhood, it's hard to find "real" farm implements.  It makes me happy just to look at it and have it in my hands.  I guess I do have some country girl in me somewhere!

What are your all-time favorites, ladies?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wooden and Ceramic Bowls and some other pottery

I've had an eye out for extra bowls lately and came across a few lovely ones. The above wooden bowl set came with a larger salad bowl and six serving size bowls, all in very good condition! Found them at a large thrift store in town, The Valley Thriftstore on Valley in the north eastern most part of Escondido. It's a really large store with lots to choose from. Prices are kind of steep for books (which  I am always on the look out for) but other items weren't too bad. I got this set for $10. Downside about this shop is I got to the counter and realized they only take cash (not posted at the door, only at the registers). They do have an ATM  but I really dislike paying ATM fees, so I had them hold and came back with some cash. At least I know to have cash on me next time I go there. There's another thrift shop across the street from there I'd like to try some other time.
This beautiful handcrafted pottery bowl was only a buck fifty (was 50% off). It is a lovely earth-toned color with imprints of leaves and seeds. Really pretty in real life. Got this one at the local Sally's. It's so pretty I want to just leave it out as decor.

The bowl below is also handcrafted pottery and a lovely light blueish-green glaze. Perfect size for some cereal or soup. It also was $1.50 from Sally's. I get some really good deals there, as recently they've had a lot of half off sales. 

My mom, sister-in-law and I went to the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow this weekend. It was a beautiful, breezy day out in the country. Really nice spot for some vintage shopping and shabby chic decorating ideas. I picked up this cute little vintage Mexican pottery bird. I've just started collected Ken Edwards Pottery / El Palomar pottery. This one isn't but looks similar and looks nice next to the rest of my collection. 

Here's my Ken Edwards collection. One was a thrift find, one my mom gave me (probably also thrifted) and one I picked up on eBay for a decent price.

Had a fun weekend thrifting and vintage gazing. Hope you had a good weekend as well!