Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fun stuff!

I find some of my best stuff when I go into a thrift store to make a donation.  Maybe I should just drop and run!  Anyway, I found some enamelware coffee pots and a pair of tiny wooden shoes at a shop in Sun City.

Kinda fun!  I'm thinking about mosaic-ing (is that a word?) the clogs, which are souvenirs from Holland.  I think they'll be adorable in the garden.  Not sure about the camp coffee pots yet, but that never stops me!  I have some ideas, I just have to narrow them down!

Martin and I went to a show with lots of vintage vendors and found more stuff.  The first thing was a silver over copper pot of some sort with a screw cap (lined with cork) on the end of a short spout. When we asked the vendor what it was, she said she'd tried to research it but still had no idea.

We got it for a steal and when I researched it, I found out it is a fancy-schmancy martini pitcher.  Of course, that is the last thing we need, but I will find a way to re-purpose it.  It was just too cute to leave behind.  We also got a few ridiculously charming old drawer pulls shaped like cherries.

I'm not sure why, but these remind me of my childhood.  They ring a vague, far-off bell, but I can't place where I might have seen them.  I love the hand-painted finish and the chippy, used patina.  So sweet!  Again, no concrete plans for these, I just knew I'd be sorry if I passed them by.

Well, that's all the "stuff" for this time.  I think I got pretty lucky with this latest batch!  What do you think, ladies?