Thursday, March 20, 2014

Estate sale!

I went to an estate sale near the house a while back, not really expecting much.  The signs said 50% off everything, which usually means I'm a day late.  When I got there, though, I found some really good stuff at really good prices, since they had begun to pack things up.  I have some blue Calico pieces that I have picked up over the years, but I found this brown Calico dinnerware set for a steal!

This is only half the haul.  There were 53 piece in all, most in good shape.  We've used a piece here and there, but I did use the dinner plates to stage the china cabinet over the wet bar.  It looks pretty!

My other favorite from this sale was an old hay rake.  I admired the aged patina and the amazing old repairs.  The more I looked at it after I got it home, the more I loved it.

It is probably one of my favorite finds, since, in this neighborhood, it's hard to find "real" farm implements.  It makes me happy just to look at it and have it in my hands.  I guess I do have some country girl in me somewhere!

What are your all-time favorites, ladies?


  1. The plates are beautful! Now I know to be on the look out for farm tools/equipment for ya out here.

  2. Thanks! Dad already has a stockpile of old shovels for us! I can't wait! And I'm sure Mum will be happy when they finally go! Soon, Ellen, soon, we'll be junking up our new place and taking them off your hands!