Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blue and White and cut glass

On our recent foray, I found lots of stuff I "couldn't live without"!  I am a fan of blue and white. Especially transferware.  When I saw the mismatched pair of blue and white salt and peppers, I could not resist.  The salt is Currier and Ives, and the pepper is Blue Onion.  I love that they are not meant to go together, but match perfectly! And nearby was the matching creamer!  yay! And 2 ashtrays from a fancy hotel in San Francisco.  Though we don't smoke, it's nice to have them for guests, especially, friends of Bill W., who tend to be smokers...

I also found some pretty salt cellars at a yard sale.  I have no need for them, but have always liked the pretty, tiny things.  Maybe because I have a hobnail cellar from my grandmother...  But I saw these and thought "instant collection!" They cleaned up nicely.  The closest two might even purple up a bit, so I'll put them on the windowsill.

I got a few more things, a couple of books, a set of those plastic drawers ($5!) and some more wooden shoes, but they are not as photo-worthy as the pretties above! Had a fun day with Ellen, and that is better than any treasure I could ever buy.  


  1. so pretty! I'll have to keep my out for blue and white for you!