Sunday, June 19, 2016

Landscape Mother Lode!

I have been looking for rustic, homey-looking landscape paintings for our master bedroom, which is on its way to becoming lodge-y. I had found one large one (previously posted) when Ellen and I were in Sun City.  We went to a store in Murrieta and hit the Mother Lode of  lodge-y perfection!

This is all of them all together.

This is a tiny embroidery sampler, probably about 3.5 inches square.

Fun hill and lake.

Watercolor of Half Dome in Yosemite.  Probably going to lose the matte and frame.

Woods and water.  Like it!

Snowy watercolor scene.

Trees and stream with animals.

Just don't ask me what kind of animals they are.  No clue.

We got a very good deal on the lot of these, and Ellen had a coupon, so I ended up paying around $20 for all of them. Not bad for a bunch of landscapes, a bit of needlework and a couple of unidentified animals. I think Ellen is my Good Luck charm! Now to get to the hanging of the art!

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