Thursday, October 16, 2014

A little shopping in Beaumont

Martin had an errand to run in Beaumont, so we decided to make it an outing.  There is main street that has lots of antique shops with the little booths which all belong to different people.  There's gotta be a name for those, but I don't know it...  Anyway, Sarah helped me pick a couple of things. She seemed very determined that we would take these things home.  Who am I to argue?  She has great taste.

We found a child-sized rolling pin and a sweet goat bell.  I love the bright yellow paint and wee little scale of the rolling pin.  The bell is metal, and although it looks like it would be loud, it makes a nice little *ting ting* when rung.

From the top of the bell, you can still see the brassy/coppery color of the original metal.  I can almost hear it down in the meadow!  After shopping, we had the best Thai food!  What a lovely day! Thanks, Martin!

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