Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just Like Nana's

Not exactly thrifted,  but while Mandy and Violet were out and about in Escondido recently Violet noticed some china “just like Nana’s” at  Deborah’s Next-to-New consignment store. They gave me a quick call and after a few exchanged photos and a check on line Mandy kindly made the purchase for me.

I’ve always loved blue and white china and I’ve had a basic set of Blue Danube for many years.  I never did buy all the various serving pieces, mainly because they are so expensive.  Over the years a few of my pieces have been broken so I’m thrilled with these lovely additions.  I checked on line and  the replacement for the serving platter alone is listed at $99.99 - that’s half what we paid for all these dishes!  Thanks Mandy and Violet, you certainly know a bargain when you see one! 

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  1. I'm a fan, too! Are we dreaming of a blue and white Christmas? Great eye, Violet!