Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big-ish stuff!

I am usually drawn to the smalls at the Thrift Stores, the crockery and tchotchkes, things like that. I've had some luck lately with some things that are a bit larger!

I got this cute end table with magazine storage and drawer at a yard sale up the street for $10. I love the lion's head drawer pull.  They had already stripped the top, which gave me a preview of what's under the finish.

At the same yard sale, I got this display case with glass fronts for $5.  The pieces of glass just slide in on a groove.  Imagine our surprise when we realized the glass slides in and out of either side unimpeded! We managed not to break any, but I might ask Martin if he can remedy that situation. It is painted on the inside, which I love, and has a little decal on the top, which has seen better days. I think I might have something cooking for it, makeover-wise.

Then, Ellen and I were in Sun City, poking around and came across this painting. It is large, like, 34 x 22. It immediately reminded us both of the Monterey area. Of course, that is where Martin lived before relocating here. I am slowly making the master bedroom more Lodge-y, so I thought this was a good fit. I vacillated about it, considered and reconsidered. I had almost decided to pull the trigger when Ellen insisted on buying it for Martin. Good call, Mama! It looks right at home. Thank you , again!
I am enjoying my new-found luck with the sort of large stuff! I hope it holds out!! I DO need a china cabinet of some sort... *fingers crossed*

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