Friday, April 15, 2016


There were half-a-dozen or so yard and estate sales on my way home from taking Sarah to school yesterday. I managed to scare up some McCoy Floraline pottery at one of them. Floraline is  the line of inexpensive McCoy pottery that was made specifically to sell to florists in the 1960's. They could use some cleaning up, but I love the matte white finish.

I also got this red glass bowl a while back while I was with Ellen.  I confess I don't remember where. I do remember it was around $5. I didn't blog it earlier because I had no idea how to photograph it. Any background I chose was wrong.  I'm sure there is a better way to capture it, but Martin always says, when in doubt, take it outside and put it in full sun. I'm pretty hopeless at the photo-taking, I admit. Pretty bowl, though!

That's all for now!  The hunt continues!

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